In commemoration of the 23rd World Water Day, The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) organized several activities, including the Sympathetic Action of Water Awareness Campaign that has been carried out earlier, and The Clean Ciliwung Society Movement in the surrounding area of ​​the Ciliwung River, Jakarta, that was attended by Basuki Hadimulyono, the Minister of PUPR.

The PUPR minister said, the Ciliwung Movement expect that all elements of society can be used to realize the importance of keeping and maintaining the cleanliness of the Ciliwung River which runs through the heart of the capital. The Movement, which started in 2013, is an example of community participation to keep the Ciliwung River area clean, while reducing the occurrence of floods in the Ciliwung River area and also helps to improve the river water quality. Thus, the Ciliwung River can be cleaned and works best as part of a macro system of flood control and source of raw water in Jakarta.

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