About “AWGWRM Guidlines”

The objectives of the ASEAN IWRM Country Strategy Guidelines project are:

  • To guide individual country IWRM strategies by developing a generic ASEAN IWRM framework (for surface water and groundwater) that is capable of local adaptation and implementation.
  • To enable ASEAN to measure regional performance and progress towards IWRM goals against a regionally consistent set of strategies.

The desired project outputs are:

  • A set of agreed regional goals for IWRM
  • A set of explanatory guidelines that
  • describe the rationale for each of the regional goals
  • give guidance on development of appropriate national goals and on the policies and processes that need consideration in achieving the goals.
  • Simple performance monitoring tools for ASEAN to use in assessing progress in the achievement of IWRM across the region.

In March 2009 the AWGWRM agreed to focus its IWRM goals on six water management issues as listed below. The AWGWRM developed and adopted a simple IWRM performance indicators report format to monitor and assess the progress and achievement of IWRM in each member country for the six water management issues.

  1. Water Supply Management
  2. Irrigation Management
  3. Stormwater Management
  4. Flood Management
  5. Water Pollution Management
  6. Sanitation Management

Subsequently, in March 2015 the AWGWRM developed a more detailed version of the IWRM performance indicators report format. The detailed version of the report format has been used by the respective ASEAN member states to report on their Country IWRM Performance on this website.

The AWGWRM hopes that the annual IWRM Performance Reports in this website will be useful to all users and be the authoritative source for information on IWRM progress in the ASEAN region. In addition to the annual reporting this website also allows the ASEAN member states to share and highlight significant water-related Events and News in their respective countries on a regular basis.